Asintado March 13 2018


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Story line

The series revolves around two sisters, Juliana and Katrina Ramirez, who are separated as children after a tragic fire incident that kills their parents. Katrina blames Juliana for their parents’ death. Following the tragedy, the two sisters are adopted; Juliana is adopted by the Dimasalang family, while Katrina is adopted by the Del Mundos and changes her identity to Samantha Del Mundo. Years later, Juliana (or Ana) becomes a nurse while Samantha is a successful jeweler. Juliana falls in love with Gael Ojeda, Samantha’s ex-partner. Samantha and the Ojeda family do not approve of Juliana, so they hatch a criminal plot to destroy her. Samantha witnesses the crime but does not say anything, The plot does not go as planned; Juliana survives the incident with the help of Xander and Celeste. After months of being in a coma, Julianna wakes up in the care of Xander and his associates who are also victims of Salvador del Mundo. Anna is full of anger, bitterness and pain and seeks revenge for what happened to her and her adopted father, Vicente Dimasalang.


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